When I sign up for service do a purchase a power pack
The REViVEMYPOWER is a charging service. You rent a power pack at a time. When it is out of power you can exchange it out for a fully charged power pack free of charge..

Can I take my REViVEMYPOWER power pack home?
Absolutely. If you decide to take it home we will provide you with a recharging cable such that you can recharge with a USB outlet.

Will I get a confirmation number?
Yes, when you reserve your charging serve we will send you an email with your confirmation order. Remember to check your spam box!

Which phones and tablets are supported?
REViVEMYPOWER power pack charges almost all phones and tablets. We have connectors for almost all IPhones & Androids that are using firewire or micro USB chargers. See here for a complete list of phones we have tested so far. If your device is not on the list select one that is similar to the one that you have when you reserve your charger. If the REViVEMYPOWER pack does not charge your phone you will get a full refund.

How often can I exchange my REViVEMYPOWER pack?
You can exchange you REViVEMYPOWER pack once a day

What cables does the REViVEMYPOWER pack come with?
When you pick up your REViVEMYPOWER pack will will provide with a short cable to charge your phone.

How much power is there in a REViVEMYPOWER pack power pack?
REViVEMYPOWER pack has enough charging capacity to power most phones for a day. The power pack will charge an IPhone 5 from 0% to 100% in about 2 hours.

How much does a REViVEMYPOWER charging service cost?
The price may vary for venue to venue so check the prices on the reservation site. When you reserve your REViVEMYPOWER it includes the charging fee and a deposit that will be refunded when you return your REViVEMYPOWER pack at the REViVEMYPOWER booth.

How big is the REViVEMYPOWER pack?

What should I do if I lose my REViVEMYPOWER pack?
If you need a replacement charger go to the REViVEMYPOWER booth at the venue. Pay a new deposit and we will provide you with another charger.

My REViVEMYPOWER pack is not working, what should I do?
We are always ready to help you. If you are at the venue where you rented the power pack come over to the REViVEMYPOWER both or contact support at support@revivemypower.com

After I return my REViVEMYPOWER pack when can I expect to get my deposit back?
It can take up to 10 business days before your deposit is returned to your account.

Can I send somebody else to return my REViVEMYPOWER charge and pick up my deposit?
No, to protect you from theft only you will be able to return the power pack and pick up your deposit. Make sure you bring your ID or confirmation mail that was emailed to you.