If you are ready for fun concerts and skiing come join the REViVE MY POWER volunteers. The REViVE MY POWER team will be going to more than 20 concerts and resorts during the 2014/2015 season and are looking for energetic and outgoing people to provide excellent services for concert goers and skiers all over USA.

Never Volunteered?

What does REViVE MY POWER do?

At REViVE MY POWER we believe that you should be free to enjoy your concert and events at all times. We provide a small portable charger that you can keep in your pocket such that you are free to roam around without being tied to the nearest outlet for hours. REViVE MY POWER users are will never be without power so they can communicate and share their concert, resort, festival and event experience with their friends at all time.

What does a volunteer do?

You get to be the saver of the day for our users when they run out of power. You will inform resort and concert goers about our service. You will sign up new users, hand out REViVE MY POWER charges, take payments and give our users a great experience and most of all, have a great time being part of the experience.

What is expected from a Volunteer?

We expect you to have fun with your REViVE MY POWER team, be outgoing and have a positive attitude and provide outstanding service to resort and concert goers. You are expected to complete your assigned shifts, set up the REViVE MY POWER booth and break and clean up the booth after a venue.

What will I get in return?

You get to work with some awesome people, get free access the entire venue and a personal REViVE MY POWER charger. You also get free beverages and snacks during your shifts.

How many hours do I volunteer?
As a volunteer you would typically do 1-2 shifts of 4-6 hours a day but it varies from venue to venue. The shifts are distributed evenly such that you will have a chance to get your snowboarding or ski runs in if you are at a ski resort or a chance to see your favorite band if you are at a concert.